Animal Onesies

The United Kingdom loves fancy dress. Whether it’s a group of students doing a pub crawl, a stag do having a wild weekend or an embarrassing Christmas work do, we just love to make fools of ourselves. With animal onesies a massive trend at the moment, we’re seeing more and more groups of adult animal onesies parading the city centre! Whether it’s Dave in his dinosaur onesie or the girls in their understated animal print onesies, it looks like the craze is only set to get bigger. No one is safe with men’s animal onesies, women’s animal onesies, boys’ animal onesies and girls’ animal onesies everywhere! The fun element is only the beginning. As well as looking hilarious, the one-piece is snug, cosy and comfortable. Once you put one on, it’s hard to go back to your normal wardrobe.

Jungle animals are always a favourite theme with the nation. Tall people are picking out the giraffe onesie, the comedian of the group is searching for a cheeky monkey onesie and there’s always at least one person swaggering about in a tiger onesie. Whether you’re reserving a sweet panda onesie or picking up a penguin onesie, we just can’t get enough! When it comes to animal onesies for men, you want something that mixes fun and masculinity. Nobody wants to be the lone chipmunk. Animal onesies for women come in all sorts of styles, from fun to sexy. Cute animal onesies are always a winner, however, remember to choose wisely for the occasion. You don’t want to be known as Miss Piggy for the rest of your working career because you chose wrongly for the office party. Whether you match your costume to your personality or you’re a mouse who wants to roar, browse our site to find some amazing options!