Bumble Bee Onesie

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Bumble Bee OnesieIf you work long hours every day and see yourself as a bit of a busy bee, there’s no better way to relax than with a bumble bee onesie. We know bees work hard finding pollen and making honey with their friends. If you swap the pollen for customers and honey for money, we’re practically the same! These days, it seems like time is speeding up and everyone is in a rush, buzzing around to get everything done as quickly as possible, both at work and home. Sometimes we need to take a deep breath, chill out and appreciate life. We firmly believe this is best done in the bumble bee onesie!

Putting on a bumble bee onesie is guaranteed to make you de-stress, forget about your daily worries and have a good old giggle. If you’re not laughing at yourself dressed up in black and yellow stripes, with antennae wobbling around all over the place, there’s something very wrong! Relaxing in the comfort of a bumble bee onesie, or cosying up in bed, is a perfect end to an annoying day, but bumble bee onesies also serve another purpose! Although we don’t recommend them for date nights or evening soirées, the bumble bee is a genius costume for a onesie party or fancy dress night. Buzz around the bar making friends or get up for a bit of karaoke. We won’t make any bad jokes, but we’ve heard The Bee Gees and The Beatles are popular karaoke choices at the moment.

The bumble bee onesie is also ideal on kids and babies. Mini bees are devastatingly cute bouncing around the house pretending to fly. Let them make their own flowers for a crazy afternoon of fun and mess! When it all calms down, they can have a snooze in their bumble bee onesies, ready to wake up with a buzz in the morning!

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