Giraffe Onesie

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Giraffe OnesieThere’s no doubt the most popular theme to come out of the onesie trend is jungle animals. Leaving the farmyards behind, we’re all heading to the tropics for costume ideas. Here at Onesie Lovers, we definitely think the giraffe is one of the funniest! With their long necks and spotted patterns, giraffes look cute and clumsy. Unlike a lot of animal costumes, they’re also unisex, making them perfect for males and females, big and small.

Giraffes, with their silly and fun look, are a fantastic animal for kids to dress up as. Toys ‘R’ Us have been using Geoffrey the Giraffe as their mascot for years, inspiring kids worldwide to dress up and play pretend. Melman, from the film series Madagascar, is also a popular character with children. As a giraffe with hypochondria, Melman has been making kids laugh since the Madagascar films first came out. He’s a hilarious character to dress your kids up as for parties and events.

Known for being a great costume idea for kids, as well as grown ups, giraffe onesies are also perfect for clothing with maximum comfort. Cosy hoods keep heads warm and the masses of fleecy fabric make you feel warm and snug. Who needs the tropics? There are also many mad facts about giraffes that make them a great costume choice. Apparently, giraffes can run over 35 miles an hour. As fun as dressing up is, safety definitely isn’t guaranteed if you try doing that in your onesie! And did you know giraffe tongues are black or blue in colour? A perfect excuse to have one more black sambuca at your onesie party. (Adults only!) Whether you decide to dress up tall in your giraffe all in one or cosy up with the kids for a jungle night in, giraffe onesies are a great choice for the whole family.

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