Minnie Mouse Onesie

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Minnie Mouse OnesieEveryone loves Disney. Whether you used to dress up like a princess or broke your leg trying to fly like Peter Pan, we all have our favourite films and childhood memories. Relationships in the Disney films have always been iconic. Some of us will never forget the emotional breakdown we went through during Simba’s heartbreaking chat with his dad. Romance lovers will always remember their favourite Disney princess’s reunion with their prince. And who can forget the trials and tribulations our couples went through to be together? We’re looking at you, Ariel. However, there’s always been one pair who have stood the test of time since Walt first picked up his pencil.

In 1928, Disney introduced Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Since their first appearance in Steamboat Willie, the couple have went from strength to strength. With her ruby red bow and classic red and white spots, people have been dressing up like Minnie for years. From printed babywear to hen do themes and fancy dress parties, we all want her look! The cute face and girlie dress sense have made her an ideal costume choice for girls and women everywhere.

The Minnie Mouse onesie now means you can be dressed like Mickey’s favourite gal from head to toe. Team your Minnie onesie with a pair of bright yellow high heels to get the full look or wear it on your sofa snuggled up for a Disney film marathon. You can always try dressing up your partner as Mickey for a matching fancy dress outfit that is both funny and cute. Not only does a Minnie Mouse all in one look amazing, it feels great. Onesies are the ideal outfit for comfort, keeping you cosier and warmer than normal pyjamas. Conquer your fear of mice and replicate Minnie Mouse’s fun attitude, and great style, with your own Minnie Mouse onesie!

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