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Panda Onesie for AdultsWe couldn’t BEAR the thought of not having a panda onesie at Onesie Lovers! This popular version of the all in one has been seen on many celebrities since the onesie trend hit the United Kingdom. Bands, like McFly, have been sporting their panda versions to support Earth Hour, with the World Wildlife Fund. It seems charity panda onesie wearing has itself become a trend, with Cara Delevingne wearing hers to support Children In Need. Showing off her model contacts, she’s also partial to taking selfies with other celebrities in her panda onesie. She’s even snapped herself asleep in one to show just how comfortable they are!

Before celebrities started to hype up the panda onesie, it was already big in Japan.  Animal and character costumes, known as Kigurumi, are worn by performers to entertain the public, and they’ve taken popular culture in the country by storm! Now, animal costumes have become a worldwide trend, with the panda onesie at the forefront. As well as being favoured by celebrities, the British public are loving the idea of dressing up as the cuddly bear. Zips up and hoods up, we’re all still appreciating the onesie for its effortless charm and no-frills comfort. The fact you’ll look like a panda is an extra bonus!

When we think of pandas, we think cute and cuddly, which is the perfect description for its onesie counterpart. As well as being ideal for kids and babies, panda onesies for men look just as sweet! If you really want to get into panda mode, chilling out and sleeping in your onesie are the only options. We fully support embracing the life of a panda and doing as little as possible while sporting your panda all in one. However, we do suggest leaving the bamboo eating to the real version!

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