Penguin Onesie

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Penguin Onesie for AdultsIt can be tough living in a country where bad weather is the norm, but we all need to start looking on the bright side, even if it is hiding behind another storm cloud. Things would be a lot worse if we were living in the Antarctic. We’re able to dig out the hot water bottles, turn on the central heating or snuggle up in cosy clothing to combat the cold. Penguins have no choice but to put up with it. Here at Onesie Lovers, we believe there’s no better solution to keeping snug indoors, and supporting our feathered friends, than a penguin onesie.

The fact that penguins look like they’re wearing tuxedos and have names like King and Emperor is just the beginning in the story of their strange and wonderful world. They have group hugs to stay warm. They lay eggs. They’re birds that can’t fly but can swim like fish. Their offspring are the cutest animals to grace the planet. Seriously, why would you not want to dress up as a penguin? As well as looking dapper and being funny, a penguin onesie is also very comfortable. You can choose to cuddle up alone or take inspiration from penguins and huddle up with your friends or family.

Penguins also have a solid place within popular culture, making them great for fancy dress. Films, such as Happy Feet, are inspiring kids to go for penguin onesies. For those with a villainous streak, the penguin all in one is perfect for dressing up as DC Comics’ Penguin. Why not buy a friend the Batman onesie and go as a double act? As well as fancy dress, the penguin onesie is the solution for days when you’re feeling nostalgic, wondering what it is you’ve been doing with your life since school. Reminisce about your favourite lunchbox treat, the mighty penguin biscuit, and p-p-p-p pick up a penguin onesie today!

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