Pikachu Onesie

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Pikachu OnesiePokémon and Anime costumes have been massive in Japan for years. Costumed performers dressing up as popular cartoon characters or animals to sing, dance and act for the public is the norm. The name given to the performers is Kigurumi and the craze has started to spread worldwide, with cartoon and animal onesies becoming popular across the globe. The Pokémon franchise hit the United Kingdom many years ago and has also continued to rise in popularity. From the books and television series to its massive effect on the gaming industry, we continue wanting to catch ‘em all!

Pokémon was a natural partner to the onesie trend. Bulbosaur and Charizard are rating high amongst other Pokémon in the onesie poké-battle. However, there’s one clear winner. Pikachu, we choose you! His long yellow ears and rosy red cheeks give the Pikachu onesie a bright and fun colour scheme, perfect for parties or if you’ve lost your mates on a onesie night out. He also has a lightning bolt for a tail. What more do you need to look electric at a party? As the main face of Pokémon and popular Anime cartoons, the Pikachu onesie is notorious, eye-catching and well-known to all. Whether you’re male or female, child or adult, his yellow fur and cute face are bound to make people hug you!

Fans of the books and cartoons can happily snuggle up on the sofa reading about their favourite Pokémon in their Pikachu all in one. As well as this, it’s an ideal outfit for dressing up your kids in and sending them off to birthday parties. There are also rumours that some of you are still holding on to your Game Boys, wondering if it’s acceptable to keep your shiny trading cards now you’re in your mid 20s. The Pikachu onesie was made for you to relive your childhood!

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