Superman Onesie

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Superman OnesieWe’ve all had dreams of being a superhero, destined to save the world or use our special powers for good (most of the time). Young boys try scaling the walls like Spiderman or pretending the backseat of their dad’s old car is the Batmobile. We grow up reading comics and watching films about heroes. Out of all of the superpowers people wish they could have, flying comes at the top of the list. We can’t think of anyone that fits the description of the best flying superhero than Superman, which is why we’ve used his infamous logo in this onesie. We couldn’t possibly have left him off the list when thinking about characters for our onesies. He’s too super!

The Superman onesie is a no-effort choice for onesie themed nights. If you work in a 9-5 office job, feeling like you and Clark Kent have way too much in common, the Superman onesie is the answer. There may not be a telephone box on the way to do a quick costume change, but we’d probably recommend dressing before you leave the house anyway. If wearing your Superman onesie in public seems like a step too far, it’s also great for chilling out in. Hold onto your masculinity as you try to stop the tears flowing when you’re forced to watch The Notebook!

Superman onesies also look amazing on babies and kids. Who wouldn’t want a Super Baby? Keeping them warm and snug, as well as looking sweet, onesies are a hassle free way of dressing your kids. Read stories of superheroes to your kids at bedtime as you both wear your matching onesies. Why not buy a whole range of hero onesies for the family?Whether you’re dressing up your kids or yourself, the Superman onesie makes anyone feel like a hero!

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