Tiger Onesie

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Tiger OnesieLet them hear you roar in your very own tiger onesie! This is one of our more popular onesies with the jungle loving public of Britain. Men can growl (or purr) their night away, women can snuggle up as tigresses and children can jump around the house like baby cubs. This cat is well loved by everyone! There have been many tiger characters that make the tiger onesie a great fancy dress costume. Munch your cereal shouting “They’re Grrrrreat!” like Tony or bounce around the house like Winnie the Pooh’s best friend, Tigger. If you fancy being a sneaky tiger, Shere Khan is the best of the evil tigers to be inspired by. Comic book fans can find a ginger haired friend for an original and unique double costume choice, as they stroll into a party dressed as Calvin and Hobbes.

Tigers are known for going on the prowl and marking their territory. If you’re feeling the power of the mighty cat, grab your tiger onesie and get out into the concrete jungle! Everyone wants to see a tiger walking down the street on a Saturday afternoon or popping into Asda to buy a box of Frosties. If you really want to have a walk on the wild side, try a trip to the local zoo in your tiger onesie and see what sort of reaction you get. We’ve heard stripes are in this season so, even if you look like a lunatic, at least you’ll be bang on trend.

The tiger onesie is also ideal for cosying up at home with your pack or chilling out alone. Easy to put on and to take off, it’s the perfect outfit for lounging around in. As a substitute for boring, old pyjamas, the tiger onesie is the essence of comfort for a long snooze or a quick cat nap!

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