Unicorn Onesie

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Bumble Bee OnesieThe unicorn onesie is the one for fantasy lovers! If you dream of riding a unicorn into the night or chilling out in a fairytale, the unicorn onesie has your name on it. It’s also just really good for a laugh. Horses and ponies have had their day, but walking into a crowd dressed as a unicorn is definitely going to turn heads. Unicorns have a reputation for being very sweet. If you’re a fan of bubbles, rainbows and fairies, then we would wedge a bet you’ll enjoy dressing up in the unicorn onesie.

The legendary animal has been a cultural symbol used in stories since the Bible. In the Middle Ages, it was known as a wild, woodland creature who was seen as a sign of grace and purity. We’re not too sure the unicorn onesie will make you look graceful but it’s worth a try! Its horn was also said to have healing qualities so relaxing in your onesie after a night out could be the best hangover cure in existence. The unicorn eventually made its way into films and books as a fantasy creature, inspiring young minds to believe in the unbelievable! Stories of unicorns can be read to little ones as they go off to sleep in their unicorn onesies.

Little girls will especially go wild for the unicorn onesie because of its famous mythical nature. Friends of princesses in many stories, and often seen looking pretty and elegant, they are very popular with girls. My Little Pony has a whole range of unicorns, and well known kids’ films such as The Chronicles of Narnia and Toy Story have made unicorns stars of the screen. As the national animal of Scotland, the whole family can put on their unicorn onesies for a good old highland fling!

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